Toddler Dayz

Toddler Dayz is a six week interactive program focussing on children’s behaviours and development and the impact on the parent-child relationship. The program is designed for clients who are having challenges coping with their toddler’s normal behaviour. It is an educational program focussing on providing parents with tools and education to enhance their parenting skills.

Each session will consist of three components:
1. An interactive activity time between parent and child. The interactive activity will highlight and illicit different behaviours with the children encouraging the parents to respond accordingly. Tools will be used to stimulate the behaviour, for example: blocks will be used within the temperament session in a manner that will frustrate the child.
2. An activity review, this will be for the parents. Children will be in the car of child minders. Facilitators will bring in learning materials to enforce knowledge and experience of the interactive activity. Observations made within the activity will be discussed from a positive strength based approach.
3. Reflective time, scenarios will be used to discuss possible outcomes and explore alternative behaviours. Parents will be provided with tools to apply in the home environment.

Topics covered within the six weeks include:
• Temperament
• Child Development
• Discipline (Positive Guidance)
• Feelings: Empathy – Including Confidence, and Teaching Self-Control
• Angry and Aggressive Behaviours
• Coping with Transitions

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