Me, My Baby, Our World

This program was specifically designed for young parents. The group uses an interactive engagement approach to ensure that the young parents are provided with an active, power-based role.

Client attendance and satisfaction with the group is very high.

The group is designed for young parents and their children 0 to 18 months.

Each session has three specific components:
A Music Circle:
Provides opportunity for parent/child interaction
Highlights moments of atonement
Provides parent with an opportunity to show curiosity about their child’s actions and feelings
Provides opportunity for practice and reinforcement of parents sensitive behaviors
Active, power based role for participants through discussion, stories, and feedback
Experiential modules – i.e. goop, questionnaires, child observation
Interactive play video
Makes group fun, allows it to end on a positive note
Reinforces the ideas and theories presented
Individualizes theories and concepts for each participant
Creates a keepsake
Provides a tool for future reference

This program builds therapeutic alliance therefore:

  • Participants who are involved in the group are more open to other interventions by Rose of Durham and other referral agencies
  • Participants feel more comfortable accessing help
  • Participants have more trust and confidence to ask questions about child development and other aspects of parenting
  • Increased positive interaction in dads

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Today’s Quote

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.

— John W. Whitehead


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